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Shotgun Sunrise Is Now Open-Sauce

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

We’ve received quite a few requests in recent months and years from other mod teams who want to take over Shotgun Sunrise, but we never felt great about giving it to any one of them. A while ago we decided to give it to all of them, and also everyone else, by open-sourcing the mod. It’s taken us a little while to get our shit together in order to do so, but it’s mostly together now, we think. Certainly there is an archive with our source code and a bunch of other stuff you haven’t seen before in it, and that archive is on the internet, and you can download it at ModDB on our downloads page.

We’re happy for you to use everything in that package in your own stuff, as long as you give us credit where appropriate, and differentiate any continuation of the mod you might make from our own work. We still really want to make another, better, Shotgun Sunrise game someday, so that name’s taken. If you do want to continue the development of the mod, I humbly suggest you name that project Open Sourcegun Sunrise. Amazing name.

I for one have always greatly regretted not having been able to support this game more, or release a less buggy-and-laggy product from the start. Not being able to work on videogames all the time sucks. We appreciate all the support you’ve given us, from the 42% of you who rated the mod 10 of out 10 to the 21% who gave it a 1, and everyone in between. Hopefully, this source release, and the ability to play a Shotgun Sunrise game on iOS, make up for it to some degree.

If you’re super interested in the process that led to this mod’s more-or-less stagnation in spite of being super fun to play, you should go check out the comments on this news post, which you may find informative!

Be prepared: everything in the source package is pretty old, sometimes super old. Those of you who know what you’re doing with the Source engine are going to look at some of our stuff and say “holy god that’s stupid” and you couldn’t be more right. For instance, our solution to making sure the truck never flipped in Shotgun Sunrise was to place its center of gravity 40 feet underground. Good times… good times.

In closing, here are some choice quotes regarding how awesome Shotgun Sunrise is/was.

“Fan-goddamn-tastic…I love this mod so much”
“…like Left 4 Dead, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and Grand Theft Auto all in one mod”
“…the most amazing Half-Life experience in a very long time”
-Podcast 17

“…probably one of the most hilarious mods I’ve ever played”.
-JoshuaC, creator of TF2’s Arena_Watchtower

“It might be the Citizen Kane of games… and it might also be the Citizen Kane of Citizen Kanes”
-James Benson, animator of Dance Fortress 2, on Vroom!

“…going down the hall to your QA organisation is easy, but the most talented people you’re going to find halfway around the world, developing some crazy… co-op zombie Western.”
-Gabe Newell

Shotgun Sunrise nominated for Editor’s Choice Best Multiplayer Mod!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Shotgun Sunrise got nominated for Editor’s Choice Multiplayer Mod Of The Year on ModDB!


We’re pretty surprised by this since we didn’t even campaign at all.  As evidence of this, behold a chatlog between myself and Matt Pierson:

Joe: Dude
Shotgun Sunrise got nominated for multiplayer mod of the year on Moddb

Matt: Wtf

Presumably this means we have fans, in spite of the fact that we haven’t released any kind of patch since a few days after the initial release.

Rest assured that we do have content to release, we just need some programming done. So at some point, there will, probably, hopefully, be another release of Shotgun Sunrise.

In the meantime, the rest of us are working on another project.

Shotgun Sunrise needs a coder

Sunday, November 1st, 2009


Hey guys!

Due to the ever-increasing workload put upon a guy by creating multiple babies and working crazy hours, it is with immense regret that we report that our beloved coder Slapdash will probably not be able to contribute to Shotgun Sunrise any longer.

For this reason, we are now in search of an experienced programmer to help us create awesomely fun things, especially Shotgun Sunrise. Currently, we have many assets that need code put to them - our bull, plant and spider NPCs are fully modelled and animated and in-game, but their minds are empty.

Our plans for this mod are vast, all-encompassing - and yet entirely achievable, but not without someone who can bust out sweet code. So apply, my pretties! Send us your availabilities, examples of previous experience, and all that jazz. Remember, this isn’t one of those mods that takes itself all seriously and never releases. This is Shotgun Sunrise! Our mod is fun already. You just have to come help us make it more fun. We’ve got so much stuff waiting for code that if some awesome coder put in like a week’s steady work we could probably bust out a significant content release straight up.

Thanks dudes, hope to recieve some applications any time now. You can PM them to me on here or send them to

New Loading Screens

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

The next Shotgun Sunrise update will have loading screens, different ones per-map. Like these, for ss_shotgun and ss_revolver respectively.

Backgrounds created by a nice dude called Wraith from the Penny-Arcade forums.

A Status Update For You Duders

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Hey guys. Because things have been slow lately, we’re doing media release thingy to make sure you guys know we’re still working on this thing - though it’s been slow because of Real Life getting in the way of everything. But there’s a bunch of stuff you guys haven’t seen, largely because we wanted to surprise you by coming out with a new version that was ASTONISHINGLY AWESOME and had all these new things you never suspected. But thinking about it, that’s not really Shotgun Sunrise style, is it? I mean, since we started we’ve been posting every little bit of progress we make on our threads over at Penny-Arcade, and that’s how we keep interest up. That’s how we’ve managed to have a mod team where people feel free to just pop in, do a few models or animations or art or voice acting or sound effects or texturing or music or whatever, and then just pop out again. It’s that kind of shit that makes Shotgun Sunrise great. Which it undeniably is. It’s not our style to do what we’ve been doing - keeping anything at all under wraps - it is the style of every other mod, most of which never come out. So here’s to a return to form. And so without further ado, here’s some stuff we’ve been holding back on and some other stuff we haven’t.

Fruit Fucker Prime
This right here is the Zombot, or Zombie Fruit Fucker Prime. He’s fully modelled, animated, textured and designed (in terms of his exact role in the game) and needs only his code to be written. He’s the guardian of the Ol’ Brewery in both the towns of Shotgun and Revolver. Make sure he doesn’t hump your leg.

Here is our evil zombie plant! This little guy is deceptive, and looks just like other, less evil potplants when he’s tucked away in his pot. But when he knows nobody’s looking, he’ll stick his head out, and wreak bloody floral vengeance on your bloody floral shirt. He is at the same stage of development as the Zombot, only requiring code to be written.


Here are our spiders! You guys have seen them, but maybe you don’t know what exactly they do. What they do is jump on you and attach to your face, having to be vigorously shaken off or smacked off with a comrade’s axe. Terrifying! Once again, this guy only requires his code to be written. This makes Slapdash look kind of bad, but that’s unintentional, we’re all super busy and have a lot to do. Fucker’s got kids, man, cut him some slack!

Here’s our fucking hardcore evil zombie bull. You can’t really see it there, but he has evil glowing red eyes. He’s one mean motherfucker. He’ll fuck you and your truck up hardcore. Will you fight him, or will you run? You’ll probably all run, you sissies. So far he’s immaculately modelled and textured, and needs to be rigged, animated, and coded. We don’t usually do renders, because they are the bane of every mod team, but fuck it, this is a sweet render.

Versus mode

We’re hoping to include a new competitive multiplayer mode that’s a little like capture the flag, but with our objectives. There would be three teams, say, red, green and blue, and each would have their own truck. Each would start with one of the three objectives (Weapons, booze and generator) and need to steal the other two from the other two teams. The goal is for one team to get all three objective items into their truck and then drive to a certain location where the round ends. The weapon crate allows the holding team the ability to use tommyguns, the booze buffs their health significantly, and the generator vastly increases the speed of their truck. All three teams would have the run of the town, but would also have to look out for zombies (though a significantly smaller number than in normal Shotgun Sunrise play).

New map
Hardly news, but here’s a picture of the new map anyway.

Improvements to the old map
This lighting’s a lot better, huh guys?

Thanks for readin’, droogs.

There’s New News In Town

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


Shotgun Sunrise has a website now!

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Welcome to our super-fantastic new site! Its deliciousness is attributable to our super-duper programming machine Slapdash, and those Half-Life Creations guys for hosting us. Those’re cool guys! Thanks, those guys.

We’ll probably throw updates up on here whenever there are any. Currently, we’re all workin’ on the next update, which will probably be numbered “2.0″, but our version numbers don’t mean anything, so it might even be Version Fifty-Four. New features expected in the update include

  • A new town
  • Four new varieties of foe
  • We’re upgrading to the Orange Box engine
  • Mostly-aesthetic improvements to the town of Shotgun
  • Many bug fixes and improvements in the fields of lag and frame rate
  • Sound effects that aren’t straight outta HL2
  • Improved shirts
  • Possibly a new game mode

We hope to have it out within the decade.

Thanks to errybody who plays our mod, you’re people of taste.