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Shotgun Sunrise needs a coder

Sunday, November 1st, 2009


Hey guys!

Due to the ever-increasing workload put upon a guy by creating multiple babies and working crazy hours, it is with immense regret that we report that our beloved coder Slapdash will probably not be able to contribute to Shotgun Sunrise any longer.

For this reason, we are now in search of an experienced programmer to help us create awesomely fun things, especially Shotgun Sunrise. Currently, we have many assets that need code put to them - our bull, plant and spider NPCs are fully modelled and animated and in-game, but their minds are empty.

Our plans for this mod are vast, all-encompassing - and yet entirely achievable, but not without someone who can bust out sweet code. So apply, my pretties! Send us your availabilities, examples of previous experience, and all that jazz. Remember, this isn’t one of those mods that takes itself all seriously and never releases. This is Shotgun Sunrise! Our mod is fun already. You just have to come help us make it more fun. We’ve got so much stuff waiting for code that if some awesome coder put in like a week’s steady work we could probably bust out a significant content release straight up.

Thanks dudes, hope to recieve some applications any time now. You can PM them to me on here or send them to