The Team

The Shotgun Sunrise team is made up of three main rad dudes, and many more rad dudes who occasionally drop by and do some work for us, or just speed past in big blue trucks and throw the occasional contribution out the window at us with one hand whilst drinkin’ a beer with the other and steering with their knees.

Chief Rad Dudes


Aaron “Slapdash” Ellsworth


“Greetings, sir. Can I interest you in some fine cigars? Why, when the ladies smell the scent of these fine cigars on your jacket, they’ll know for sure that you’re a man of poise and sophistication.”

When he’s not vending cigars and selling fine leather jackets, Aaron “Slapdash” Ellsworth is a professional programmer, and when he’s not doing that, he’s working on Shotgun Sunrise. His wife is not only a supermodel, but a superdupermodel, and in their free time they code children in C++.

Joe “Lacabra” Wintergreen-Arthur

Team leader/coordinator/lead designer dude, level designer, texture artist, extremely rudimentary modeller

When Joe “Lacabra” Wintergreen-Arthur was eight years old, he managed to build a 100% accurate 3D representation of the interior of the CIA building at Langley - even the top-secret parts where photography is prohibited - in Worldcraft. He was investigated for years and unmarked cars still follow him everywhere he goes. Seventeen of his last twenty-five girlfriends turned out to be agents, and the current one’s called Nikita, so that’s pretty much a foregone conclusion.


Matt “Remington” Pierson

Modelling/Rigging/Animating/Texturing/Zbrushing/Designing Extraordinaire

Matt “Remington” Pierson experienced his first major brush with fame when he created a photorealistic model of the Eiffel Tower on a Commodore 64. The French Minister of the Interior invited him to dinner. The great granddaughter of Gustave Eiffel was in attendance, and presented him with a plaque and a letter of appreciation. They also commemorated a stamp in his honour, and there were so few made that finding an un-cancelled one now would fetch nearly 100,000 Parisian dollars. This all happened when he was four.


Contributing Rad Dudes

In no particular order, and credited by username on the Penny-Arcade forums. I apologise profusely if I missed you. Let me know.

James “TheJazzMan” Benson - Character animation, prop modelling

Sebiel - Character animation

Guido - Prop modelling/texturing/animating

FlippyD - Idea guy, concept art, research, British accent, a velociraptor fell on him once in playtesting

Amphetamine - Sound effects

Captain K - Cowboy voice acting

JellyMeetsJam - Came up with the name “Shotgun Sunrise”

Wraith - Makes fantastic images such as the main menu image and our awesome logo

Woot - Hosted our old website and forums for a while, until he stopped for some reason, but that’s not the point, he’s a nice guy

Ohtsam - Made a texture

The Reverend Doctor Galactus - UI art

Centipeed - Fought to keep cowboy shirts at full “gay”

Raslin - Theoretical modeller (does not model)

Zetx - One of many idea guys